Summer is here

Wed, 7 Dec 2011

As it heats up outside and you are looking to undertake an exterior painting project here are a few tips to assist you in achieving a good result.

1/ Paint in the cool of the day ie. early morning or late afternoon.

2/ Follow the shade around the house as you paint. Never paint in direct sun.

3/ Thin the paint up to 10% with water if water based to assist flow and delay dry time.

4/ Dampen the substrate particularly porous surfaces such as masonary, brick, fibro or super six.

5/ Keep brushes and rollers damp to prevent paint drying on the tool.

6/ Do not paint if the temperature will exeed 35 degrees c.

All the staff at Paint Industries wish you a safe and happy Christmas . Our factory and office will be closed from Friday 23 December until January 11. Please contact our Claremont depot on 9383 2918 for assistance during this time.

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