Wed, 1 Sep 2010

The next few months are ideal for undertaking decorating projects both inside and out. Temperatures in the low to mid 20s and low humidity are just right to paint.


Look around, are your walls in need of a fresh coat or a new colour? Whites and off whites have been in vouge for the past couple of years and continue to be popular. Top Dek acrylic low sheen provides an ideal hard wearing, iow odour, washable finish for most areas inside your home. Consider Top Dek ceiling white as a high opacity, ultra flat, brilliant white ceiling finish. Tip- if painting a new gyprock ceiling use Top Dek gypseal as the primer coat. If painting new hardwall plaster follow the Australian Standard 2311 sec. 5 table 5.1and use a solvent borne sealer Top Dek supa seal is ideal. It is not recommended nor desirable to use a water based sealer for this substrate. Preperation is the key !!


Most houses upon inspection require some type of paint maintenance. Gutters and down pipes are typical of areas of neglect. If thy are faded, peeling, rusty or need a change of colour use Top Dek wethertuff gloss acrylic. This is a long lasting, direct to substrate pure acrylic that will provide many years of protection. Tip- To remove loose flaking paint from gutters etc. try using a high pressure water blaster, it beats the traditional scraper and sandpaper method. One exterior feature that is often ignored is the humble swimming pool. Concrete and fibreglass pools require a maintenance coat of paint every 5 to 8 years depending on exposure, chemical makeup etc. If you need any information on pool painting contact us for specialist advice.

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