Mon, 15 Nov 2010


At this time of year, we receive many enquires from people wanting to paint their swimming pool.   The most common questions is am I able to paint the pool myself?

The answer is most definately, provided you are prepared to undertake the necessary preparation prior to painting the pool.   The major cause of paint failure on swimming pools is inadequate surface preparation.   It is also helpful to understand the characteristics of pool paint when undertaking a repaint of swimming pools.

For example - Chalking - this is  natural phenomenon with epoxy finishes.   It is a fine powdery deposit on the paint surface.   Chalking intensity will very much depend on pool chemistry and will be more apparent when using strong or deep colours.  

It is also very important you determine what type of coating has been used on the pool prior to re-coating.   The two standard pool finishes are Epoxy or Chlorinated Rubber.    Epoxy coatings may not be used over chlor rubber and chlor rubber coatings are not recommended for fibreglass swimming pools.

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